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In order to provide support to cancer patients, the Nursing Foundation needs to provide facilities for the deportees who come from different cities to continue and complete the treatment process in Tehran or Bandar Abbas. By equipping and launching a patient Centre in different Areas such as Tehran and Bandar Abbas, it is possible to provide needed patients, in addition to the pain of the disease, there is no further concern such as the cost of treatment and the housing problem during the treatment, thinking about treatment and it’s outcome with a relaxed mind and hope for the future. We are currently equipping and operating in two centers of patient care and we hope that in the near future, with the activation of branches and Noor departments in other parts of the country, we will witness the launch of other hospitals for the well-being of our fellow citizens.

Omid Patient center (Bandar Abbas)

Regarding the activity of the institute in Hormozgan province in the center of Bandar Abbas, with the spiritual support and assistance of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences and its authorities, the establishment of patient care centers for the provision of services to patients sent from cities and villages of the province and neighboring cities was on the agenda. Noor was supplied to the Bandar Abbas Patio Building and was put into operation. The patient center is currently providing cancer treatment services to cancer patients who are often treated in the Omid cancer department of the Shahid Mohammadi Hospital in Bandar Abbas, providing housing services throughout the course of treatment.

Address: No 7, Mahyar Alley, Seyed jamaladin Blv, Sazman Crossroad, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Phone: 076-32248733

Noor patient canter (Tehran)

The building of this hospital was provided to the institute by Mr. Bandri and Ms. Sadr, for the purpose of accommodating patients from the villages to Tehran, according to the type of use after the construction, installation and equipping it was ready to be exploited.

Address: No 235, Close to Esteghlal Airlines Office, Before Nejatolahi St, Somayeh Ave, Tehran,Iran

Phone: 021-86036323