Built, equip and completion of professional cancer centers

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Cancer is one of the major health problems today. In developed countries, through early diagnosis as well as developing medical technology and methods, the rate of cancer healing is about 55 to 66 percent. In the direction of cancer diagnosis and treatment, the development of Cancer Centers as part of the infrastructure development program for the diagnosis and treatment of Noor charity sponsoring patients with cancer has been established since the beginning.
We have managed to build and equip two Schools of Chemotherapy and equip and exploit two patient centers with the help of goodwill and Benefactors. We hope that along with the goodwill and supporters of the Noor Charity Foundation, we will have the best access and benefit of all our compatriots in all parts of the country.
By increasing public awareness, preventing and early diagnosis of the disease and institutionalizing this culture, we will take an important step in controlling the disease. To help other domestic and international health organizations.

The Charity Foundation will pursue its objectives in the following ways:

  • The construction and equipping of chemotherapy centers in the deprived provinces, where there is no access to health centers, will be a priority;
  • Use of doctors from provincial research staff to help diagnose illness in deprived areas
  • Tracking and coordinating the implementation of accreditation standards in provincial centers
  • Establishment of an operational plan for the construction and development of centers on an annual basis, coordinating and integrating executive programs in provincial centers.