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Due to the wide range, diversity and complicated problems of NPOs and NGOs, it is impossible to perform the whole tasks professionally with a limited number of people, groups or organizations or the in case of performing the task, it will be of low quality. Therefore, in order to provide proper services according to people’s demand, it is inevitable for a charity institute to use volunteers.
Nowadays, participation of our community members, as an indespensible need in our era, affects the whole emotional, behavorial and intellectual aspects of humen lives. In order to help non-profit organozations reach their goals, resolves the problems and accelerate the tasks, most of volunteer works are performed by different classes of society spontaneousely and hence, it is crystal clear that volunteers are the most important and inestimable property of every NGO & NPO.

Noor charity institute, similar to all public and non-profit organizations, appreciates this Godly deeds and benevolent cooperation. Since health has always been the main national wealth of countries, nowadays, cooperation and collaboration of volunteer NPOs are essential to resurrect and keep health andicators.
Noor volunteers are good communication bridges between great deciesions of Noor institute’s top managers and spiritual & curing needs of Noor’s cancer patients.
At Noor, we are always trying to creat culture of citizenship responsibility besides organizations’, institutes’ and groups’ social responsibilities.

Volunteer Activities

Familiarity with a variety of volunteering activities for Noor charity

There are wide-range and variety of volunteer wroks at Noor institute as follows:

1) Social work
People, who have a degree in social working and are interested in this field, can communicate with the related section of Noor institute and inform their capabilities, so that volteers start their jobs.

2) Administrative affairs
In case of tendency to to help Noor institute in the `field of chuck, accounting and administrative affairs, it is possible tcooperate with Noor charity institute as full time or part time helper.

3) Psychology
To cooperate in this field, it is required to have academic education in psychology and work experience with patients.

4) Deisgn, Graphics and Photography
To subscribe in Deisgn, Graphics and Photography group, you can send your resume and sample of your jobs to the Institue’s office and help us in designing of brochures, stands, calenders, cards, billboards, etc.

5) Participation in seminars and conventions(events)
In order to introduce their services and helps, it is necessary for charities to hold events and conventions. In case of you capabilities in holding such ceremonies, or you can take part in Noor fairs, your participation will be appreciated.

6) Assistance in holding charity bazaar
In this section, people can assist Noor in different methods:
– To provide and supply of necessary items for holding a bazaar
– To provide connections with institues or factories to supply necessary items for bazaar
– Participation and assistance of Noor personels to hold the bazaars

7) Medical services
We’d appreciate physicians, who cn devote a part of their time to the Noor patients or help us in the educational conventions.

8) Communication with multinational organizations
If you are interested in international relations and you have related experience or your living location makes it possible to connect Noor charity institute with other multinational organization, the international section of Noor institute is looking forward to meeting you.

9) Translation
If you are capable of translation from foreign languages to Persian and vice versa, Traning section of Noor is in need of your assistance.

10) Writing / Journalism
If you are interested in writing and providing report or news, Noor’s quarterly magazine section would like to invite you to invite you for cooperation.

11) Other skills
In order to welcome you warmly as a volunteers, kindly introduce us your technical and professional services, which may be needed for Noor Charity Institute.