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Today, social participation and people participation in all areas of society seem to be essential. Given the fact that in the country’s health system, existing public and private capacities do not meet the needs of people, especially vulnerable populations, in different parts of the country, the importance of social and public participation in the health sector is becoming increasingly important. The Noor charity of people with cancer is to promote health capabilities, such as education, prevention, medicine, treatment, care, etc., strives to help organizations reap the shortcomings of the past by utilizing their ability to empower individuals, and an important step in encouraging is by Encouraging them to build trust and raise awareness of the community against cancer.
On the other hand, there has been a lack of utility in various areas of health including prevention, medicine, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and so on, which can help offset the shortcomings of the past by utilizing popular capabilities. Strengthening the social participation strategy in health requires the creation of appropriate mechanisms, the provision of supportive packages, encouraging people, building confidence and increasing the level of community readiness.
In line with the effort to achieve the main goal of the Noor charity of cancer illness, with the view of the appropriate distribution of treatment facilities throughout Iran, the Noor family is prepared to receive the following donations from the benefactors of the community.

  • The voluntary charity set of benefactors in every field is a great asset to any charity that cannot be priced and valued. This engagement is a kind of romantic, benevolent and godly deal that has always been revered. The Noor Charity Foundation invites everyone in the medical, technical, nursing, administrative, and … fields to volunteer for the Noor family and help us reach our goals and help cancer patients;
  • The Noor Charity Organization considers its largest capital to be its volunteers in pursuit of its aspirations;
  • The righteous can donate movable or immovable property or any property to their intended conditions to the Noor charity or to dedicate it to charity;
  • The donors can help finance all the provinces, cities and towns of the Noor family in financing, constructing, equipping and operating health centers and hospitals;
  • The Noor Charity Organization is ready to receive all donations for the hospital equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients in all parts of Iran;
  • The benefactors can continuously fill in the monthly subscription forms (in any amount) to help cover the cost of treatment for cancer patients covered by the Noor Charity

Foundation;The benefactors can contact the Noor NGO participation Department at 021 881 97 881 and get information on ways to help Noor and if they want to contribute to the support of people with cancer, help Noor family out on this way.